Illinois Concealed Carry

Course Objective: Students will demonstrate their ability to achieve the goals outlined by the course description.

Course Length: 17 hours (12 Classroom, 4 Range, 1 Simulator)

Course Description: This is the course that Illini Tactical was founded on, getting law abiding citizens their Illinois Concealed Carry permits.  This course covers the requirements needed to get your Illinois Concealed Carry permit, but also adds more challenging shooting requirements.

In this course you will learn basic handgun fundamentals, reloading, clearing malfunctions, and more.  We will also cover applicable legal aspects, handgun safety, ammunition types, as well as pistol parts and operation.

There will be a shooting competencies test.  At the end of the course students will receive a certificate of completion.

What To Bring:


  • A safe and reliable pistol.
  • A holster made for your pistol.  The holster you plan to use for carry is preferred.
  • Eye and ear protection.
  • 100 to 150 rounds of ammunition.
  • Notepad, writing utensils.
  • Weather appropriate clothing that is not low-cut.  This will help stop hot brass.
  • Paper photo-copies of any applicable previous training  or a DD-214 for military discharge.  Click here for a listing of approved prior training.


  • At least three magazines for a semi-auto pistol. (If you plan to shoot a semi-auto)
  • At least three speed loaders / moon clips for a revolver. (If you plan to shoot a revolver)
  • Magazine pouches / Speed loader holder for your belt.
  • A stiff belt designed to hold a firearm.

Cost: While it is the mission of Illini Tactical to deliver quality firearms training at no cost to those who cannot afford it, our training materials cost money to print and prepare.  In the interest of transparency, below are our costs for a class:

  • Classroom Rental: $200
  • Range Rental: $100.
  • Printed Materials: $10

This breaks down to about $31 per student per class, for a 10 student class.

For this reason, we have a recommended donation of $50 to $100 per student.

Other classes in the area go for as much as $250 to $350 for the 16 hour class!  If you have the ability, please consider donating to keep us going and to help low-income families exercise their second amendment rights legally.  Thank you!

Quality Firearms Training