Illini Tactical

Hello World (That means this is the first post)

Welcome to Illini Tactical everyone!!!

I wanted to make an introduction post for everyone and welcome you to our project.

When I learned that Illinois was finally passing forced to pass concealed carry, I was excited beyond all belief.  I wanted to get started right away.  Unfortunately, we all had to wait until the Illinois State Police got the requirements designed, trainers could be registered, etc.

Then we were told that a permit would cost $150 for only 5 years.  I know families that live pay check to pay check.  They could not afford the $150, let alone the cost of a 16 hour class, a firearm, ammo, FOID card, holster, and everything else.  I honestly believe that these fees are outrageous, and deter families from exercising their second amendment rights.

That’s where the idea for Illini Tactical came along.  I wanted to help out families exercise their rights that otherwise could not afford to.  I thought I can help lessen the financial burden around the cost of classes.  But I couldn’t do it all by myself.

Over my last few years of doing IDPA, I met a great group of shooters in Graham, Alex, and Scott.  I talked to them about hosting classes and teaching people about firearms.  Luckily for me, they were all in.  We got a logo, a Facebook page, and now a website.  There are only a few more steps.

We would like to become an LLC.  Originally the idea was to be a non-profit.  After speaking to an attorney, it was determined this was not the best course of action.  Non-profits take a long time to form; about 18 months actually.  A non-profit also didn’t offer the protection I needed.  When we form the LLC, our mission will not change.  If you cannot afford to take a class, you are welcome here at Illini Tactical.  If you do have the means to pay, please consider a donation to us.

Thanks you for your donations and time.  It is our hope that this business will grow and continue to help people.