Tactical Response – Team Room

Recently I drove down to little Camden, Tennessee to take a few classes with Tactical Response: Fighting Pistol and Immediate Action Medical.  For those of you who are not familiar with Tactical Response, it is a training company run by James Yeager: former civilian contractor, controversial YouTube user, and controversial human being for that matter.  :)

James and his wife Rebecca allow students to stay in their home, in the basement free of charge while you are in Camden taking a class.  This is a great opportunity for students to network and meet each other as well as save quite a bit of money!

So let’s break it down to the Who? What? Where? When? and Why?:


Who can stay in the team room?

Anyone who is taking a class at Tactical Response is welcome to stay in the Team Room.  Priority for bunks is given to those who have class in the morning.  If you are staying overnight and leaving in the morning, offer your bunk to someone who has class the next day.  You can arrive the night before class and stay in the Team Room.

Who can I expect in the team room?

There will be students taking all sorts of classes, with all sorts of experience in the Team Room.  Soak up all the knowledge you can from the students who are taking different classes!


What is the Team Room?

The team room is the basement of the private residence of James and Rebecca Yeager.  They have kindly opened up their home to students to stay in free of charge.

What amenities are there in the Team Room?

  • Showers.  One downstairs, one upstairs.
  • Kitchenette.  There are some racks with food and spices.  There is also a refrigerator you can use to keep food and beer cold.  GUNS MUST BE PUT AWAY IF YOU POP A TOP ON A BEER.
  • WiFi.  There is WiFi, there is a note on a wall with the network name and password.
  • Power.  Each bunk that I saw had a power strip by it.  It probably would not be a bad idea to bring one along though.
  • Bunks.  There are 12 bunks available plus the couches.  There is a sheet on the bunks but that is it, they do have racks of blankets and pillows and towels, but bring your own.  I have no idea when they wash them.
  • Reading lights.  Some bunks have them, some don’t.

What should I do when I arrive?

I would say the first thing you should do i make sure there is space for you to stay first.  If you reserved a spot when you registered for class, you should be good.  Don’t count on a spot being there when you arrive.  If you do this, bring at least one bag of your stuff in when you check it out, that way you can claim a bunk and then bring the rest of your gear in, setup your space, lay your stuff out for the next morning and be ready to go.

When you arrive, park in the driveway on the left, it slopes down behind the house.  Do not park in the driveway on the right, that is for James and Rebecca.

Read the rules.  There are some posters hanging up with the rules printed on them.  Read them and don’t break them.

Be sure to introduce yourself and meet the other people in the class.  They are friendly and always willing to have conversation.


Where is the Team Room?

When you register for class and request the Team Room, Marilyn or Keri should give you the address.  Google Maps will take you straight there if you type in the address.  DO NOT USE APPLE MAPS IN CAMDEN (or anywhere else for that matter, you’ll end up in a damn lake).  Every time I rode with someone who was using Apple Maps in Camden, we went to the wrong place.

Where is the classroom from the Team Room?

It is about 8 minutes away.  Get directions from someone else in the Team Room or follow them to class.


When can I stay in the Team Room?

Any student who is taking a Tactical Response class can stay in the Team Room during the duration of the class.  You can arrive the night before and crash on a bunk or the couch.  You can also stay the night your class is over if you plan on leaving the next morning.  If you do not have class the next day, give your bunk to someone who does.

Alumni can also stay in the team room if they are assisting with a class or if they are just traveling through Camden.  Not sure who just travels through Camden, but you can if you need to.


Why stay in the Team Room?

  • It is free.  Yup, free.  Donations are strongly encouraged and recommended.  I bet it is expensive to maintain that room.
  • Networking. You will meet really good people from all over, they will quickly become friends!  You will also learn things from other students who are taking different classes.
  • Homework.  Some classes have homework, many hand makes light work!


Stay in the Team Room.  If you find it isn’t for you, stay in a hotel.